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Fiber tumbler how-to Build Your Own Tumbler (Update): This info is for the benefit of the few who may be raising alpacas and would like to build their own fleece tumbler for cleaning. I have built a fleece tumbler for our own use, and it works very well. If you are interested in building your own, you may find my old how-to useful. Please be forwarned, however, that I have discovered many better techniques since building this first prototype. Just consider this as a rough guide as to what is involved in building a tumbler. Click on the image to the left to view the how-to.

Fiber tumbler, version 5For Tumbler Customers:
For user guides or other info, please click the image to the left.

Marissa's hello(Nostalgia---How we started, but a bit out of date now)
Hi, my name is Marissa, and I run Glacial Ridge Farm in Chardon, Ohio which is in beautiful Geauga county.  My People, Ted and Jeanne Yurkon, think THEY run the alpaca farm, but they're mistaken.  I originally came from Peru and have produced many beautiful babies.  My People think I'm old and pretty "bony" so they have let me retire to a good life here, however, I've had many prize-winning babies in my time.  I am also in charge of every other animal, and human, who lives here.  So I kind of like life here--I think I'll just let the younger ones move on to new places and explore the world. 

My People have very good friends and neighbors, Ruthanne and Ed McCaslin, of  Promised Land Alpacas.  Ruthanne chose most of the other alpacas besides me, who live at our farm. They taught my People how to run a farm, and they still  help whenever my People have problems--or don't know what they are doing. 

I get pretty hot in the summer, and I was used to just lying down in a cool stream in Peru.  It took a long time for my People to get the idea that I needed something LARGER than this stupid pail to stand in. 
Marissa in bucket thumbnailHowever, they eventually got me a small wading pool, where I really love to cool off.  They also set up this sprinkler, but it doesn't work as well-AND I have to share it!
 Marissa in sprinkler crowd thumbnail
Temporary first barn smallWhen Skye Angel and I, and my baby cria Mona Lisa arrived here, we came from a large farm with a large barn and lots of friends to socialize with.  When we got here,  it was just the three of us and we were put in this tiny little barn--what a let down!  We were so lonely and worried.  And it only got worse.
Crooked sticks in ground small My Ted was a strange old man.  He was destroying our pasture!  I told Skye: "Look at him, digging up what little pasture we have and putting crooked sticks in the ground.  I think I'll spit on him every chance I get."
Crooked sticks straightened smallThings started looking better though.  He straightened the sticks and added more sticks and I couldn't wait to see what it would be.  Well, guess what--it turned out to be a brand new barn for us!  Brand new barn smallNot as big as we had before, but brand new and with plenty of room for new friends.  He even put a sliding door on the shelter in front so we could have nice breezes in the summer but block the cold winds in the winter.  It's just the place for my retirement home.

Shelter in new 52X60 barnNew barn But even this barn wasn't enough space! What with little ones needing room to run, and the bad boys needing to be kept away from us girls, we needed more room. We now have a brand new 52x60 barn including this nice 12 foot shelter which is open in the summer but is covered in the winter so we can keep warm and still see outside (if we don't spit too much on the cover). Even on cold winter days when we're all in the barn, the little ones have room to romp and play.

New pasturePlus, a whole bunch of woods full of nasty multi-flora rose bushes was cleared so we have a nice big pasture with a great big hill to stand on.  I'm so sorry I spit on the old man all those times.  I think I'll introduce you to all of my friends and family now.
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